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Aging is not just the passage of time

We all age, but at vastly different rates with dramatic consequences for quality of life and healthspan. Long before we look or feel old, we are accumulating biological damage that is influenced by a wide range of factors including nutrition, exercise, environmental conditions, psychological stress, medical interventions, genetics, and other aspects of everyday living.

Aging is driven by cellular senescence

Senescence is a cellular state of growth arrest and altered metabolism. It is a biological double-edged sword. It can have protective effects yet causes the long-term tissue dysfunction and chronic inflammation of aging.


Cellular senescence is associated with nearly all age-related diseases, including heart and vascular diseases, cancer, cognitive dysfunction, and diabetes. More importantly, cellular senescence is associated with early dysfunction including a loss of physical performance and metabolic changes.

Sapere Bio measures cellular senescence to unmask aging trajectory

Measurement of cellular senescence provides a snapshot of an individual's aging status. Repeat measurements over time provide insights about aging trajectory and the impact of interventions intended to prolong healthspan.

Sapere Bio is the sole source of cellular senescence measurement with the analytical precision, quality assurance, and extensive healthy aging data required for proactive medicine.


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Cellular senescence measures
for proactive medicine

SapereX Test Pack
Golden Steel Plate





Golden Steel Plate


Participants in healthy aging registry 

Golden Steel Plate


Improved their cellular


Golden Steel Plate


Worsened their cellular senescence

*Longevity clinic participants

*Longevity clinic participants

What the Experts Say

"SapereX is a much-needed tool to assess patients for their candidacy for and the effectiveness of many of the emerging longevity therapies"


“Sapere Bio has amassed a good amount of compelling clinical use data. We've been using the test in our clinical program and I'm impressed with the results, especially compared to other 'biological aging' tests out there"


“So many people are going on rapamycin and various other therapies without really knowing whether they’re really good candidates for it. I think SapereX is a really important way to practice evidence-based longevity medicine”


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